International Geocaching Day

Okay let’s admit it …

I’m a Geocacher.

*for everyone who has no clue, it is a game you play on your GPS/Smartphone, which involves a small treasure that is hidden in a container, mostly in a beautiful spot. You’ll have to find it and ‘log it’ *


My family consists of two teenagers, and they do not like ‘useless’ walks..


or even worse: visiting historic cities *bweuk churches*DSC_8683

How long until we can return to the car/swimming pool/portable.. *insert anything interesting* ???  (I’ve learned that there is a limit on how much ice cream you can buy to bribe them.)


But nowadays, I do my homework on !

Find some interesting caches nearby, preferably that are recently visited (you don’t want to end up searching .. searching .. and not finding anything at all ) Take a look at the pictures (and yes mommy wants to play save, and takes a good look at the spoiler photo’s !!! ) Save the GPS coordinates in your phone and then .. get up and go !!


Today we are on holiday in Croatia, after some lazy days at the pool side, we visited Porec, I found in advance an interesting multi cache. ( We needed to search 3 towers, do some mathematics so the coordinates of the ‘final’ revealed, a very old ruin.. with a magnificent view on the sea site.)



We found a car park on the geocaching app, and as soon as we left the car, we handed over the smartphone to the kids. We had a comfortable walk without complaints because there is a clear goal.. if we find the cache we can return !


We enjoyed the walk, the kids are already trained to find the containers very quickly (after a few times, you get the hang of it.. containers mostly are hidden under/close to rocks/special trees/something weird: like a piece of birch in a pine wood) .

After the lunch it became too hot, so we went for a ‘beach cache’. (I always save a few caches on my phone, to have some options during the day.)

Only 2 km away from the historic city, without having to surf the whole internet, we found a nice and quite little place to swim, (thanks to a cache with beautiful pics) .


In the good old times my husband would have made a list of monuments he wanted to see, have no time to search the beach places, and after an endless walk, everybody ended up very frustrated. My husband, because he did not had the chance to see it all, and the children too, because after each monument, there was yet another thing to see. Afterwards we would have to drive around for hours to find a good bathing spot, close to a parking lot (and I would definitely agree with the kids that is better to return home)

But instead, we had a day without arguments that ended up with a very nice swim !


This day-trip was such a success that the day after we went for an afternoon trip to a place very close to our rented house. Which again was a major highlight !

Look at the eyes of the kids.. the danger. the adventure, the hunt ..

They really had the day of there dreams, we would never had the idea to visit a small town on the map if we did not saw the pictures !


The old watermill, the waterfall,..

We had our swimgear with us !


That’s why ..  I want to return the favor and put a container in a small well we found nearby our rented house. (And also because I want to check out who is walking/visiting this area off course  😉 )20160821_104305

We did not had a printer, and I even enjoyed the mindful writing of the note.. in English and Croatian !!

My very first geocache ever .. (in a very rural and abandoned area ..) on International Geocaching Day  !



and I still have some uphill walking adventure in mind (if my ankle would only allow )

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